Day 12: for GoDogGo Café

Day 12: for GoDogGo Café
leaning fence in the snow

        ….. assuming that a supermarket is a street corner

on a day that was bald and bright
and suddenly white, and she keeps
walking, led blindfolded by the Fates.

Just following her feet, step after step
inside her head, deep in a fog, drowning
out herself. A disconnect. And then,

she steps off the curb, and walks.
In front of a car. It stopped. Hard.
She recalls her eyes locking on that

dim moment, on the driver, and
how her darkness might’ve marked
that person … forever.

Written for GoDogGo Café. A Book called “Today a Woman Went Mad in the Supermarket” – Constraint: The title of a book is included in the title or the body of your poem. ©Misky 2022. Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday #GoDOGGoCafe  #GreatReadsPromptChallenge on Twitter. 

13 responses to “Day 12: for GoDogGo Café”

  1. I agree with David. THis is super powerful! I think you have described so concisely and shockingly one of the terrifying things about forgetting to be present. Do you mind me asking, though, why you changed to past tense just for the stopping of the car?


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