Day 12: The Mirror and the Palette

Look how winter
rearranges things.

It dances deranged around trees,
strips then bare, 
and then
knocks them down.

Written for GoDogGo Café. A Book called “The Mirror and The Palette” – Constraint: The title of a book is included in the title or the body of your poem. ©Misky 2022. Shared with #amwriting #GoDOGGoCafe  #GreatReadsPromptChallenge on Twitter 

11 responses to “Day 12: The Mirror and the Palette”

  1. Raw. I love it. Are these your photos? Stunning.


    1. Thanks. Photo: Not this one. I can’t actually remember where I found it.

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  2. dances deranged

    that’s ingenious.


  3. 😂 I am beginning to think you don’t like winter!

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    1. I like it when it’s dry and sunny and cold, but we’ve not had much of that this winter. ☀️

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      1. Winters are getting milder but definitely wetter. 😒


  4. WOWdatsGOODmisk


    1. 😂 Thanks, my friend.


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