28 Sept: The Bookcase

man studying road maps, sitting at desk, surrounded by bookshelves.
The Bookcase

When I dream, I write it down. 
He says he never dreams, but 
the bookcase says otherwise. 
His side, which is the right side, 
is filled with folded road maps. 

He dreams of being carefree   
as a river, or a thin-line horizon. 
His Michelin in hand. To drive  
across roads of Norway and 
Denmark. Germany. France. 

I have no maps on my side. 
I’m a passenger on the left side. 
Gardening, cookery, reference. 
Oxford Dictionary, its spine 
is weak and cracked from age. 

I'm on the left. My books are 
alphabetised. He's on the right. 
He's an owl in a china shop, 
and says he never dreams. 
Me, I am always dreaming. 

AI Art & poem ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter.

7 responses to “28 Sept: The Bookcase”

  1. Charming. But maps are cool!

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    1. I agree, maps are very cool. Particularly his maps where he’s marked out our previous road trips.

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  2. Such an interesting poem. I’m still pondering how an owl would be in a China shop. A flap of feathers and broken bits. Or perhaps watching those sagely waving cats?


  3. Made me smile. There’s dreaming and there’s dreaming. Loved the artwork.

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    1. Thanks so much!

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  4. I adore maps and owls snd bookcases
    You both are wonderfully matched ❤️


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