29 Sept: Garsdale & Skipton, Peak District

19 Sept: We’ve entered the Peak District. Not a soul on the road, not a truck, nor a car. It’s the morning The Queen’s funeral.

ps: The man in the last photo is not my husband; he is a stranger.

7 responses to “29 Sept: Garsdale & Skipton, Peak District”

  1. Well I can think of worse places to be swigging a can of Kestrel!

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  2. Nice time to be out. The Queen should have a funeral more often!


  3. This area looks very tranquil and those sheep have the life!
    Hope your trip went well ❤️


    1. Yes, it was a lovely trip, and the weather remained good throughout, which isn’t always the way in that area.


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      1. Grand! Glad to hear it and thank you for sharing your trip with us. I felt right there with you through your photos ❤️

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