28 Sept: Cockermouth and Ambleside

The last image is an AA Emergency Box (#487) located on Dunmail Raise in Cumbria. It’s quite a find because they’re rare and Grade II listed structures. For a little more info … It’s interesting.

The second to last image is a “ghost sign” which is an advertisement associated with a building or shop that no longer exists, but the sign lives on. More info

The 4th image is my husband, Peder. I couldn’t coax any strangers to stand under the flood water sign for me. (no, of course I’m not serious … 😂 )

7 responses to “28 Sept: Cockermouth and Ambleside”

  1. Those old signs are superb. Our village has one on the side of a house for a butcher’s shop, gone long before we arrived in ’99.

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    1. I wasn’t aware that ghost signs had such a following until I researched them a bit.

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      1. Certainly in our village, it’s interesting that a village which now supports one shop, basically, used to suppoirt a whole food industry.


  2. Lovely photos. Love the ghost sign. Love English architecture. Love streams and big skies. And that flood sign! Yoiks!


  3. Did you guys go in Fletchers Fearless clothing shoppe? Did you use a camera for the pics or your phone?


    1. Fletcher’s Fearless Clothing shop no longer exists. Only the sign painted on the building remains. That’s why they’re called ‘ghost signs’.

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      1. Ahh that went over my head clearly! 😁all those photos are intriguing
        Thank you for sharing them with us ❤️

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