18 July: London Two Ways

17 July: London Two Ways (30ºC, and my flowers are dying)


is at the London Aquarium.
hands-on and poking starfish.

singing Baby Shark song

says King Louie is bigger
than that shark


is at the matinee of Frozen.
says it’s all wrong

Elisa doesn’t have dark skin.
and the singing is too loud.

and she says Nana has wild hair.


say it’s a pretend fight
but it still ends in tears.

and so it goes . . .

And here’s a little music to test your remaining sanity.

©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

11 responses to “18 July: London Two Ways”

  1. I’m going to have Baby Shark in my head for the rest of the day! I will be down in Hampshire next week, to spend time with Ellen, Lucas and the bump due I. 6th November.😀

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    1. How exciting! Another grandchild – it makes life so good ❤️

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    1. And I tested positive for Covid this morning.

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      1. Well that’ll certainly clip your wings for the next week. But the others might be lucky – we had a situation here where Mrs Bump caught it and I didn’t.


        1. Peder caught it first and generously shared it with me. He’s feeling much better after 5-days but still testing positive. Son is making me French toast for dinner. Yum!!

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          1. Milk it! Mrs B tested positive for about 10 days, but only felt ill for about half of that.


            1. NO! Truly? 10 days?


            2. She tested +ve on a Monday and did not test -ve until the following Thursday. Specifically, she tested +ve on the day before the -ve, because she was testing daily again at that point. The NHS required 2 -ve tests in oreder to go back to work; she took the second Fri early and was back in work on the Friday.
              I kept a diary because I figured that a lot of us still hadn’t had it. Senior people tend to be mega-careful, and lots of WP users fall into that category.

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  2. Aquarium will be on my list next time in London


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