22 July: July Diaries

20 July: Heat Wave


say he’s never seen me
with wet hair before.

and the patio is too hot
for ants to walk on, and

is it okay to step on them?


knocks on the bedroom door, and asks
when Nana and Farfar won’t be sick

and says, please fix this boiling house.


they’re both jumping and jumping,
saying, BEACH! BEACH!

©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

18 responses to “22 July: July Diaries”

  1. I hope you’re feeling better. Sorry to hear you’re having such a hot time of it. I guess we will too, when our turn comes. Sounds like your grandchildren are missing you. Such a shame you got the lurgy during their visit!

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    1. For oldies, Covid is a lot more than the lurgy. And yes, it really is a great shame.

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      1. Sorry. I didn’t mean to under rate it. 😕


  2. Sorry to hear you aren’t well Misky! 🙁 Hope you get better soon and get back to spending time with your funny and curious grandkids! 🙏🤞


    1. They leave in two days, back To Colombia.


      1. Columbia?! Wow! 😮 I imagine you’ll miss them greatly? ! 🤞🙏


        1. Yes, we really will miss them. So glad for FaceTime as it keeps us visually in touch. And it’s Colombia, as in South America.

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          1. Yes indeed! Thank goodness for FaceTime! 🙏👍😁 Oh yeh, I figured it was South America.


  3. must be murder for them. But hey, at least you got to Longleat.

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    1. Always look on the bright side.

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  4. Strengths and good wishes for getting better soon. You’d be able to rest after they’re gone. Such a pity though. But next time. Columbia? Good grief. Heard terrible stories about the place.

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  5. I’m simultaneously waving my magic get-well-soon wand and giving you two (that’s all I’ve got) thumbs up for the diaries. Go Beachin’


  6. Hope you both are feeling better ❤️


    1. Thank you. I wish I could say we were but not yet.

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      1. Hang in there and stay hydrated ❤️

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