15 July: Centerparcs Longleat 31°C

15 July: Centerparcs Longleat 31°C


threw his soft toy penguin
in the swimming pool.

swim, he shouts.
his penguin sinks.

it takes three days to dry a penguin.


every word.
and tilts her head
and smiles.

one must choose to listen.


are crying.
they don’t want to go home.

why are we
all sick and coughing.

why is it called Covid.
but why.

they refuse to go home.

©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

12 responses to “15 July: Centerparcs Longleat 31°C”

  1. You guys got Covid? But I’ll keep in mind the three days it takes for a cloth penguin to dry. Sounds useful.

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    1. Husband tested positive yesterday. I had same symptoms earlier in the week but have tested negative. Apparently with lateral flow tests, if you test positive you’re 100% positive, but if you’re negative, you aren’t necessarily negative because of high percentage of false-negatives. Husband says it’s the worst cold he’s had in his life.


      1. I assume you’re vaxxed? It helps for it not to be so bad. Lay low, rest, rest and medicate. 🙏🏻


        1. ❤️ Completely jabbed up with all doses, but the last dose was over 6-months ago so it’s weakened.


          1. The virus has weakened too. Many areas have new, acute waves. I’m thinking of putting my mask back on when I go out. In case.


            1. We’ve two new strains here in the UK, and it’s causing numbers to rapidly soar. Still low hospitalisations but lots of people sick with it. Keep that mask handy!

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            2. I have a niggling feeling I should. Hope you & husband recover soon.

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            3. Mask always ❤️


  2. So you left ’em? I wish I’d have got away with that but she found her way home.


    1. 😂 no, that sort of thing is frowned on.

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  3. Sorry to hear about covid! But great tip about drying penguins! 🙂 I hope your recoveries are smooth and rapid.


  4. Sorry to hear the variant found you. Hope all will be well soon!

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