28 June: Words from the Oracle

woman in the kitchen baking apple pies and flies buzzing around her. Image is called Apple of My Eye

Whichever Way It Blows

I share this house
with a man with a bad back,

and a roof verge of crumbling cement
that drinks water and leaks like a drunk

as the wind
tongues at the roof tiles.

The man leaves doors open,
dried leaves like giddy spooks flit across the floor,

and mosquitoes, guiltlessly
hunt me at night.

Flies in the kitchen, dead and
dying with guttural-whining wings,

they gather on the sills,
eyes pinched shut with secrets
on their dried troll-like faces.

But, at death we do all part,
and I love this man with his bad back,

this house with its leaks
and hysterical pipes,

and old trees swaying at the end of the garden
that are a damned hazard
when a northeast wind blows.

And then there’s me, an earthy woman who’s
happy and lucky, acidic at times,

and who occasionally
needs a whiff of ammonia
to remain dramatic.

And here’s a little music to balance the ambience.

inspired by words from Jane’s Oracle. Music by Melody Gardot & Sting – “Little Something” on YouTube. Image by Andrea Kowch – “Apple of My Eye” ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

12 responses to “28 June: Words from the Oracle”

  1. and a roof verge of crumbling cement
    that drinks water and leaks like a drunk””

    “happy and lucky, acidic at times,

    and who occasionally
    needs a whiff of ammonia
    to remain dramatic.”

    Just genius Misky, pure genius! You’ve a wonderful way with words and describing things & people! 👏👏👌👌😁😁❤️❤️

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  2. does he leave the toilet seat up?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No. But I know how to lower the seat, so it’s not a battle I choose to wage.

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  3. I agree with the comment above. You really caught a spirit there. I can feel the house trembling in the wind and the rain, the doors banging, the insects whirring, and that last phrase, a killer!
    (sorry WP won’t let me leave a like. It doesn’t believe I’m me).

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    1. Brilliant words to work with, Jane. Thanks.


      1. It’s amazing what a random handful of words can inspire!

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  4. At death, we do all part; and that’s sad, but it isn’t, is it? It just is.
    This is awesome work, Misky. Thanks.


    1. It is, Ron, and condolences in advance to those I leave behind.


  5. I agree… a sort of masterpiece. Just such a wonderful build up of images. I pretty much love every line. And at first it all sounds dark and grim and at the end it sounds comfortable and loved.


    1. Thank you! ❣️

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  6. Thank you for sharing the music. It wasn’t a song I was familiar with.

    The verse kind of reminds me of my situation now… with my home out of sorts. All the insurance evaluations and moving forward with additional improvements that we will attend to out of pocket (not covered by the insurance.)


    Hope you are having a great time with your family!!

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