29 June: Oracle Take 2

Charmed, I’m Sure

I have a charm in my pocket.
It’s self-soothing, and lazy
as a drunken smile.

A holistic secret for my pressed bones.
And I play it like whimsy,
like Bach’s cords.

Cajole it like a sulky moon.

It’s an old coin
with a queen’s head and
a vague thistle.

No worries. No ointments.
And I am happy to let
clear air sweep my conscious.

inspired by words from Jane’s Oracle.  Image “Luck by Alfred Freddy Krupa. Original title: Sreća. 2015; Karlovac, Croatia. Creative Commons: noncommercial ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

5 responses to “29 June: Oracle Take 2”

  1. I wonder what that coin was. There were threepenny bits with twelve sides and three thistles on the reverse side, but not with a queen’s head. Perhaps the magic created its own special coin. I’m glad you got a more peaceful poem from this word set!

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    1. It was a souvenir coin that my youngest bought on hols in Scotland when he was about 6. He was very thrilled, said it was gold. He went on to read archeology. He arrives at Heathrow with babies and wife and mother-in-law on Friday. He lives in Bogotá now.


      1. If he thought it was gold it probably is a threepenny bit. Maybe the Scottish coins kept the thistles after QEII. They should have done.


  2. My mum used to bury these in Christmas Puddings. Took me years to realise they didn’t come that way from the shops!

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    1. Snap (almost)! I added chopped almonds, but stirred in one whole almond, and whoever got the whole nut also got a small prezzie. 😀 Good morning, B.

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