9 June: No Matter Your Stones

painting of Summer Days on Brighton Beach by Edward Pottiest.

No Matter Your Stones

No one tells you that Brighton beach isn’t sand, that it’s pebbled and rolls underfoot. If wading in surf is your pleasure, well, those pebbles will batter your toes and bruise your shins. The weak ankled are easy to spot, their arms flaying the air for balance, their knees wobbling about. And do buy some chips on the pier, it’s a tradition you see, to eat them under a brolly so the seagulls can’t see. But death stakes these beaches with broken hearts thrown off the pier. Those who stroll in above their heads. Into the current. The tide and tow, and the unseen below. Those Brighton days, they’re a hallucination.

Summer rains on seas
Falling on an unseen world
No matter, your stones

Written for dVerse Poets “Sun, Sand, Storms, and Celebrations: Summer Ekphrastic”, image by Edward Henry Potthast, Summer Day, Brighton Beach, and GoDogGo Haibun Wednesday: Death.  ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

13 responses to “9 June: No Matter Your Stones”

  1. A slant of scorch and sere to the merely idyllic.

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    1. Thanks so much.


  2. Yes, takes a little of the Bright out of Brighton! 🙂

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  3. Beautifully written, and so poignant. We tend to idealize, remember a past that never existed.

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    1. Thanks so much!

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      1. You’re very welcome!


  4. I know! I was shocked when I first went to Brighton. And then double-shocked when I sat in a deck chair and some guy came over wanting money!

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    1. That money for a chair happened to us in Eastbourne also. We stood and carried on walking. 😂

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  5. Hmmm… I do love a day at the beach but with my butt in the sand! And toes curled in the sand. And I don’t even mind the sand and salt in my hair at the end of the day ☀️

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  7. Brilliantly writing Misky

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    1. Thank you, Vinny.


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