9 June: For Song Shine Sounds

In reply to Nope Not Pam’s post on Wind Down Wednesday, (asking about favourite groups that we came late to discovering), I’m a fan of a Norwegian group called Katzenjammer, and here’s one of their songs called Soviet Trumpeter that has a brilliant stop-motion video with paper cutouts. You can see it on YouTube. The group played together for about 10-years, and broke up in 2016. I still have all their songs on my playlist, and a CD in my car.

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9 responses to “9 June: For Song Shine Sounds”

  1. That’s lovely Misky. Needless to say I never heard of them but they obviously have the resources behind them to make a professional video.

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    1. Their music is uplifting, for me.

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  2. Wonderful music Misky. That dark cabaret – those awful chorus lines. A delight. Thanks.

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    1. Yeah? Excellent!

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  3. Nope, Not Pam avatar
    Nope, Not Pam

    Wow, what a cool song, I love the rise and fall to the track. It really drew me along, and that video was a superb backdrop for it


    1. I’m delighted you like it.

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  4. […] you missed Misky’s great selection of dark cabaret group Katzenjammer, it’s worth a listen. So for music this morning, here’s some not-so-dark cabaret from […]


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