5 June: Is This Tragedy

Is This Tragedy

She’s at this land’s edge
looking into machete-sharp light.
He’s leaving.
He’s burning it all down.

His ship sails out of her echoes
into a taunting sea.
Her heart leaks music.
She watches land’s end.

Written for K. Hartless Petite Pen at Yardsale of Thoughts, painting by Vincente Romero. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

6 responses to “5 June: Is This Tragedy”

  1. Beautiful, sharp light and the leaking song ties this together perfectly for me. And the questioning title. Victory and tragedy are not easy to discern anymore. What a thought-provoking piece of brevity. Thank you for writing to this prompt with me. Magical, this one.

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