6 June: Parallels


Small delight,
a sunset.

Its purpose,
though brief,
to exist,
and then vanish.

Nothing left behind,
but stars.
The parallels.
The purpose.

Perhaps I am a sunset.
And you. As well.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

11 responses to “6 June: Parallels”

  1. Very profound. I read it twice before it hit me. The second time I read it with a slightly different rhythm I wonder how you would read it. I have been pondering a poetry reading podcast.


    1. I could never bring myself to do a podcast. I’ll willingly share “my voice” but I hesitate to share the sound of it. Oddly, it feels like I’m giving too much of myself away. As for the rhythm, punchy and staccato, the last stanza slow and smooth.

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      1. Yeah, I get that. There are two reasons I was thinking about the podcast. One is that Mr Worms doesn’t really enjoy reading my poetry but gets a lot more out of it if I read it to him. And the other is that recently my aunt introduced me to a poet called David Whyte – you might know him …British/Irish? Anyway, his poetry is full of big concept words and it didn’t really speak to me when I read it myself. But when I listened to various interviews with him in which he read his own poetry, he made it come to life and I understood it a lot better. So with these two ideas, I started thinking about how some people will get the music of poetry more if it’s read aloud than if they have to read words arranged on a page. But it’s only the merest seed of a thought at the moment. I was interested to get your feedback though.

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        1. Please don’t let my own reticence put you off. I’d say you should give it go!

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  2. bloomin’ ‘eck, Misk, this is heavy for a Monday morning.


    1. I wrote it on a Wednesday. 😂


  3. I like this a lot, clever concise and intriguing


  4. Parallels never interect and your poem carries the sadness of it. I enjoyed it very. much.

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    1. Thank you, K ❤️

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