23.1.22 Go Dog Go Cafe Haibun

 The Wind Blows by Hugo Simberg, 1897 Finnish National Gallery

It’s a sort of mid-January middling-damp. It’s drizzly. Dwet. Grey. Dwippy. Like cornflake-sog in a puddle of tepid milk. It’s January when people feel entitled to leave the dwishes and coffee cups on the twable for some other dweeb on a dwet day to clear away. And I’ve been thinking about that word ‘grumpy’ – and came to a conclusion that it should be worn like a raincoat. Not worn always. Just sometimes. When appropriate. Definitely January attire.

January is
a big hump and a pimple,
and squeaks of damp sick

Written for GoDogGo Cafe: Wednesday Haibun “January” Image The Wind Blows by Hugo Simberg, 1897 Finnish National Gallery ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter. People who know me, know I’m not fond of winter. It makes my bones ache.

16 responses to “23.1.22 Go Dog Go Cafe Haibun”

  1. Wow. This is so interesting! All the “w”s that suddenly disappear. And then that sentence which David mentioned and which I love too. ANd then that awful (in a brilliant way) haiku. Makes me very glad I don’t live in England in January. lol. Some amazing stuff in this one.

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