22.1.22: Herniated Disks and Other Mischiefs

22.1.22: Herniated Disks and Other Mischiefs
Jacek Yerka Original Title: Sen nocy letniej, 1984

To Hell ‘n Back

It’s a herniated disk, you see. Nope, I didn’t do a thing. It just happened. Sitting on a chair, eating dinner. Then pop. And I can’t sleep. I’m trying not to move. Every twitch, stabs. And I notice that the street light licks the bedroom wall a silent grey, a smeared colour like my mother’s ashes. Beside me, my husband sleeps. Noises rise from his throat soft as a baby’s hand, sounds fluting through his nose, a coo-cooing tune, like a wood pigeon. I find myself breathing in time to his rhythm. And I try not to move. I’m looking for sleep.

Maybe custard creams
…. fifty-two …. fifty-three sheep
and a cup tea

A haibun for Linda Hill’s JusJoJan Day 20 “Looking”  Extract image “Susan” by Jacek Yerka Original Title: Sen nocy letniej, 1984. Inspired by Twiglet #262 “Soft Hands”. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

12 responses to “22.1.22: Herniated Disks and Other Mischiefs”

    • Mr M is being truly brilliant. He’s cooking all the meals, washing up after, fetching this and that for me. I really couldn’t ask for more, nor would I want to. I was able to roll out of bed this morning and put my socks on without assistance, so that’s a huge improvement on yesterday. Our neighbour across the street is our GP, ands he brought me a back support thingy, and it’s been very useful.

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    • Oh, gosh. That’s not the future I was hoping for. I’ve always had a dodgy lower back, but this is something different. I think it’s beginning to heal, but I’ll keep my activity slow and easy for a while.

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