18 May: A Thursday Door

Stonewall garden gate with views toward trees

Bushboy (Brian Dodd) shares photos of doors, but not just any doors. Spectacular doors from his journeys. Dan’s Thursday Doors opened the door on this. I love doors of all sorts. I’ve trawled through my holiday snaps and found a few to share.

This door photo is from Nyman’s Garden, which is just down the road from us.

©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #TDWC #amwriting @bushboywhotweet and @DAntion 

13 responses to “18 May: A Thursday Door”

  1. Beautiful place this door must lead to!
    (Love the pear-shape handle)

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    1. Nyman’s is a beautiful place for a walk. They have a nice little caf with homemade scones and jam, too. Win:Win!

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      1. The first thing that caught my eye was the handle – a seemingly delicate piece for such an imposing door.
        I want to sneak behind the hedge and see what’s going on in the garden!

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        1. Just more garden. And more garden beyond that.

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  2. That’s such a beautiful scene beyond that remarkable door. Thanks for sharing this one, Misky.

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    1. My pleasure. See you next Thursday!

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  3. What a beautiful door

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    1. Thank you. 🥰


  4. I loved taking photos of doors and windows when we lived in Ecuador. I expect to take a lot more during our trip to Europe this fall.

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    1. There are certainly a lot of beautiful doors over here.

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  5. That’s a very inviting door to a beautiful garden beyond. 🙂

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