18 May: A Word

AI art gabled house
AI Art: old country house with gables and several chimneys,


This word comes from where he stands,
from where he looks up the street at

workmen clambering across roof tiles,
ladders and scaffolding and white vans,

and he stands at the kitchen sink, sunshine
in ribboned streaks through the window,

and he starts saying a word, but stumbles
on it, like navigating uneven pavement,

and he says his brain is working slowish today.
And that word is soffit.

Definition: Soffit. AI Digital Artwork is my own, created using AI Midjourney. Imagery and poems ©Misky 2023.

7 responses to “18 May: A Word”

    1. Me, too. More and more often.

      Good morning, B. All good with you?

      I’m buoyantly optimistic this morning; my cousin had the first of three operations to remove a brain tumour, and this procedure went well yesterday. Here’s hoping that the one today goes equally well.

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      1. Morning Misk, indeed. That sounds very intense, one day after the other.

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  1. If we didn’t know about dementia, then the increasing length of time it takes to find words as we age would not be so worrying…

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    1. Frustration might be the word. Hope you’re having a good weekend. ☀️


      1. Yes thanks Misky, I am committed to repainting all our widows and doors a bit at a time. I need to look for a “new” secondhand car. I need to start swimming regularly and yet I spent 2.5 hours writing on an exciting challenge I came across Six Degrees of Separation – six linked book reviews – such fun!


        1. It’s good weather for painting; it should dry quickly with this lovely, breezy sunshine. At least down here, it is. Fed my starter yesterday, and baked bread today. Sometimes you just have to turn your back on the electricity charges, and bake a few loaves of sourdough.


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