12 March: Her Shadows

AI art. woman standing on terrace looking into garden


His mother leaned over
to give him a kiss, her lips
the colour of ruby jewellery.
He ducked, luckily missed
her red smear across his face.
She had this marvellous way

of leaving a room. Her intense
summer perfume hanging
pregnant and pretty in the air.
Fading like a photo. A shiver.
And he remembers two men
wearing tang-colour uniforms,

they carried his pale mother
to an ambulance. Her arm
slipping away from the blanket,
a lace handkerchief tucked
neatly under her sleeve. It was
such an odd and peculiar day.

Written for Shay’s Wordgarden. AI Digital Artwork is created using Midjourney. Imagery and poems ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting @midjourney

10 responses to “12 March: Her Shadows”

  1. Odd and peculiar indeed, but what a memorable poem you got out of it!

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  2. You breathe life into your words, even the sad ones.

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    1. I read through the list of random words on Shay’s site, and this very strong image came to mind. What’s interesting is that this one is so open to ones interpretation.

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  3. The emotions in this feel odd and peculiar too… like looking through the bottom of a bottle. I think it’s made sadder by this kind of dysfunctional feeling. I hope I”m not misreading it.

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    1. No, you’re not misreading it. I wanted to see if I could turn a random list of disassociated words into something unsettling and slightly deviant.

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  4. Was this based on a real incident? I started to cry at the end ❤️


    1. No, it’s not. As I explained to Worms, this is written around a list of 20 words from Shay’s Word Garden blog. I challenged myself to turn a list of random words into something deviant and unsettling.

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      1. Ahh I’m sorry. It sounded so real
        Mission accomplished on the u settling and deviant 👍

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