11 February: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

AI fine line ink drawing of a wintery rabbit rushing through leafless trees


The garden.
It’s just some wet mud and a magpie that keeps its tail up.
There’s an obvious wrinkle in this landscape.

Rain dribbles off the gutter, leaves stuck up there.
I suppose.
Although the trees have been leafless for months.

Snowdrops bloomed on Monday,
and then slugs nipped the blossoms off the stems.
My heart was stabbed by that,
it’s nature of course,
and I shouldn’t expect more.

It’s winter.
It’s February.
Nancy’s birthday month, she says.

My wedding anniversary also: 44-years.
At least
I think it is.

We celebrated it
on the wrong day for years
and years
until we filled out a visa form.
We got it wrong.
Not surprised.

We celebrate it correctly nowadays,
even though we don’t adhere to crick in the neck things.
Sometimes I can’t remember my own age.
I don’t really care.
No one cares.
Nor does anyone else who I care about,

because a tree is a tree
even when it’s leafless.

Written for Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “heart”. AI Digital Art is mine and created using Midjourney’s bot (v4). Image and poem ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting @midjourney @LindaGHill

19 responses to “11 February: Stream of Consciousness Saturday”

  1. This is awesome, Misky! That ending is just brilliant and ties the whole thing up perfectly. Superb! I can’t believe its an SoC!!


    1. Thanks, Wormsie! It’s interesting that you often say that about my SOC. I’m not sure why, but perhaps it’s because mine is just an internal conversation – I just write whatever is in that internalisation, and quit when it becomes boring, or I need another sip of coffee. LOL! When you do a SOC, what is your method?

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      1. I rarely do them. I remember trying once and being too self conscious to publish it. I worked and worked it until it became rather strangled imo. I think I should practise them more often.

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  2. I can now peacefully go to my final resting place knowing I have been mentioned in one of your brilliant and whimsical poems! It is always a joy to read these little snippets of magic which appear so effortlessly penned by you. Happy Anniversary, whenever it may be! 💫 💕

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    1. You were truly in my internal conversation, and I thought, well … that’s weird – I’ll leave it in, and she’ll get a laugh out of that. “Nope Not Pam” included me in one of her poems once, and it gave me such a giggle to appear in someone else’s head. I wonder who’ll appear in my head next! And Nancy, a very happy birthday to you also, whenever it is.

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      1. Thanks, Misky. You’ll know because I’ll probably do my yearly rant on how I have to share a birthday with my sister. It’s OK now but back then it was not fun, not even a little! 😬

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        1. As a kid, my best friend’s birthday was on Christmas Day, and didn’t like sharing her birthday with baby Jesus. Are you a twin?


          1. No, we’re not twins; my sister is 4 years older than me. My parents must have been in a rut! 😂
            My mister is an identical twin; now THAT was fun! 😄


            1. A rut! Ha! What a coincidence to have you both born on the same date.

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            2. Yes. I interrupted her 4th birthday party and she seriously resented me for years after that! 😂

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  3. This is a really nice response to Linda’s prompt. I cannot wait for the spring green leaves on the trees to appear again. We probably have another 10 weeks to go, but in the meantime, I’ll watch for robins and geese and the grass to start turning green.

    Happy wedding anniversary!

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    1. Around here Black Thorn blooms before the trees set leaves. A flurry a tiny white blossoms with a soft scent. I can hardly wait!

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  4. Slugs 🐌 do serve a purpose and around here it feels like spring already
    Happy Anniversary Misky and happy birthday Nancy in February ❤️


    1. Well I sure wish the birds did their job, and ate some of them!

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  5. “We celebrated it
    on the wrong day for years
    and years”

    Burst out laughing. No idea if it’s true but a lovely picture anyway.


    1. Absolutely true. 😁


      1. A whole married couple getting their wedding date wrong! Hilarious! Faith has returned.

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