11 February 2023: Deconstructed Lunch

ham an pickle sandwich
Déconstruit Sandwich 

You are what you eat, 
          that's what Mama said. 

So I'm the rear quarter of a pig.
      Even though I quit long ago. 

An emulsion of egg and oil.

I'm a brined,  
       sliced cucumber. 

Bubbling starter and flour, 
       and a slow ferment.

Trust my mama to slick 
guilt on a ham and pickle 
sandwich for lunch.

Written for RagTag Community, word” trust” and Fandango’s One Word Challenge word: “lunch” AI Digital Art is mine and created using Midjourney. Image and poem ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting #FOWC #RDP  @midjourney

13 responses to “11 February 2023: Deconstructed Lunch”

  1. It could be worse. You could be nuts,

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    1. That’s a given.

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  2. Smoked pig, I’ll eat it without cucumbers.

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  3. Brilliant! Love every line! And the end is so good!


  4. For sure you are no horse’s ass! And your piece reinforces the fact that we are definitely related; my mother was the high priestess of guilt slicking. Good one, Misky! 💝 🐷

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    1. My mother thought guilt-slicking was part of her job description. 😂

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      1. My psychologist called my mother a “crazy maker”. Yeah, pretty accurate. Oddly, that did not make me feel any better. 😂

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        1. Total impartiality, eh?

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          1. Hahaha! Completely but he wasn’t wrong. 😂


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