10 January: for VV’s January Anthology

AI artwork: grey horse with knight being thrown off
©Misky 2023
That Speckled Grey 

There was a man. 

And there was a horse that 
was the colour of pebbles, 

assuming that pebbles are speckled grey, 
and this man had a horse, 

or at least that’s what he thought, 
but facts, being facts, always aren’t 

because this horse had a man 
and this horse juggled its man 

upside down, sideways, and in the air.

The man took every precaution, 
wore a tin hat on his head, tight  

blue breeches, knee-hi boots with 
giddy-up pokums on them, and 

a leather saddle strapped on his thighs. 

The horse wore nothing at all, 
except for that man of his, and 

at every opportunity that horse 
threw his man like a tossed coin. 

And everyone said that man
was just horsing around, but 

that horse had a thing or two to say about that . 

Written for Visual Verse, January anthology. Featured image: AI Digital Art is mine and created using Midjourney’s bot (v4) public beta. Image and poem ©Misky 2023

6 responses to “10 January: for VV’s January Anthology”

  1. Ha ha. This made me laugh. I love the horse the colour of pebbles. Spot on! But I also love the relationship between horse and man. And the giddy up pokems! Just wonderful!!

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    1. We’ll see if they take it. The editorial board changed recently, so you never know when that happens. Kristen and Preti are still there, so I’ll just keep pitching with my same “voice”. For now.

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  2. This reminded me of my relationship with every cat who’s ever owned me. Just ask other people who think they are the ones in charge in cat/human relationships. 🙃
    † – Giddy up pokems. Brilliant!

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    1. I love to think that our oh-so-superior attitude is all in our heads. 😂

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      1. Reminds me of the cartoon with aliens looking down on earth from their spaceship. They see a man walking behind the dog, picking up his poo. The caption is “The one with four legs is clearly the leader”. 😂


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