29 October: Q29.10

AI art: in the style of Banksy, 2 rabbits and a red balloons

Imagine That

The woodpecker is back.
Where, he says.
In the birch tree, I say.

He rises from his chair,
and groans as his back
falls back into place.

Where, he says.
It just flew into
Nigel’s garden, I say.

Nigel’s never home –
so we can’t very well
call it Nigel’s, he says.

Okay then, Carol’s garden.

Carol’s only in the garden when
she naps, while she’s on her
antipsychotics meds, he says.

Thank good god almighty for
those mindbending drugs,
I say to myself, because

            saying that sort of thing aloud could give the wrong impression.

For Miz Quickly “Imagine”prompt. AI Artwork © Misky’s in the style on Banksy isolated on a white background. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

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