18 October: Quadrille 162

kitchen fire, pan with flames

Alarm Bells Are Ringing …

… and Chef is last out the door.

She’s blushing pink as a boudoir,
her eyes are flashing sky,
and tufts of powder puff hair
escape the sides
of her starched white hat.

This is the Coaching Inn, and
the kitchen is a spreading flame.

written for dVerse Poets, Quadrille 162 “Bell”.  ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. Image ©Misky.

15 responses to “18 October: Quadrille 162”

  1. Sounds like things got a bit hot! Great image again.


  2. Your quadrille is on fire, Marilyn! I love the phrase ‘blushing pink as a boudoir’. Our favourite restaurant burned down some years ago, it was a medieval coaching house, and it’s been restored again. A wonderful place to eat.

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    1. Thanks! Ours burnt down yesterday, just in time for your quadrille.

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      1. Oh my! I hope it can be restored.


        1. We walked by it today, and it seems like it’s just the kitchen extension that needs rebuilding. Good news!

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      2. Oh no! Life imitating art 😬


  3. I think you need to turn this into an epic.

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  4. I love the picture you used! It definitely got too hot in the kitchen!


  5. Alas kitchens are dangerous places… the picture says it all.


  6. I’ve had things get out of hand before in the kitchen! Great picture!


  7. At the sound of the bell… Well done.


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