18 October: Damnable Legos

AI Digital Art. Colourful Lego blocks

Those Damnable Legos

it’s the sounds of them,
spilled from boxes,
clattering across the floor,

toes on alert for a snaggletooth underfoot,

those brick-blocks in
shades of aurora borealis,
they snap together side
by side like long city blocks,

fashion themselves as hard-hitting journalists.

they get knocked aside,
they migrate under sofas,
in hedges, behind bookshelves,
under the cooker and fridge,

just step on one – it’s the sting of angry bees.

I found one under a church pew.
I even found one in my car.
mystery of mysteries,

saints of plastic who pay us a visit from time to time.

Image AI Digital Art ©Misky 2022. Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

16 responses to “18 October: Damnable Legos”

    1. Most of the family would agree with you. 😂

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      1. I was very big on it as a young boy. In those days, you just got the blocks as opposed to models of cars etc. It encouraged creativity. Fond memories too of Mechano. The Mechano factory was just down the road.

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        1. Yes the style of purchasing lego has changed a lot! Well to be honest, I don’t remember purchasing it. I only remember that we had a big box of it at home and to have an actual set of instructions for a particular model was the exception, not the rule. And there certainly was no reference to movies and no “girls’ lego” and “boys’ lego”. It used to just be lego. And pardon me for being boring but I wish it was still that way.


          1. I bought one of these kits last year for a friend’s son. Magically, five minutes after opening, it was transformed into a Formula One race car. It’s a pity he no longer had that imaginative process. I mean, he got a far more authentic result than I would have, but half of the fun was working out how best to use the available bricks to achieve something approximating to the desired result. It’s like the end product now dwarfs the creation process. But I find that true of many things now, e.g. movies, which need to be so real that viewers don’t need to use any imagination.

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            1. An interesting thought about movies!! Another take on special effects I hadn’t thought about.

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            2. Don’t you think? The more “real” we make something, the less we must use our imaginations. So much so that many people cannot now imagine.
              I’ve had people complain about my stories because so much is implied rather than stated. If I want to state something, I’ll take a photo rather than paint a picture.
              And I think that’s why a good book far surpasses the movie version, btw. But book sales have decreased because people can’t be bothered.

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            3. I’ll take “implied” every time.

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          2. Do they do “girls’ lego” and “boys’ lego” nowadays?

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            1. Oh yes. At least here they do. Girls Lego is largely pink and is usually cafe scenes, hair dresser scenes or barbie like cars. And there were some movies represented too.

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            2. Well that really sucks….

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  1. I have a lot of time for Lego. I don’t like the way it’s marketed anymore but I think it’s a great creative outlet for kids and it lasts forever! And yes it does hurt to tread on! And it’s noisy! 😀 My brother’s kids are right into it and, when our kids spend time with those boys they get inspired but it only lasts a month or less and then the Lego we have is forgotten. Nevermind. They have other creative outlets.

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    1. My nieces were into Legos much to the delight of my brother but now not so much. I gave them a Lego chess set a few years ago which they still use to learn chess moves

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  2. And: no matter how you prep them (par-boil, roast, or ground and sifted) they taste like shit. Lego Sux.

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