27 Sept: dVerse September Song

AI Art: old woman with white hair walking through forest collecting autumn leaves.

September’s Song

Summer’s deathbed; here comes autumn. It’s an old woman’s bed, where the air yawns wide as ancient oak and its crisp leaves untether, glowing in clingy vicious colours. The soil smells of wet dog, and the forest drips of dew that smells of liniment. Tomato vines hang greyish limp and weary. Pickles sink into salty brine. Summer’s debris clings in the puddles of rain – they float, they sink, moult and rot. An old woman walks September into October, her knobbly stick holds her diminishing bones, and she walks autumn’s collection into winter just as she walked youthful bounty into thinning agedness.

there’s rain on her head
and veiled clouds in her eyes
raise your hands, and laugh

dVerse Haibun Monday: September’s Song. Image is my own, created with AI technology. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #AI_art on Twitter

14 responses to “27 Sept: dVerse September Song”

  1. Seasons as being akin to the stages of a woman’s life: the haiku rounds it off so nicely in celebration.
    ~ Dora

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    1. Thank you very much, Dora.


  2. How beautiful to reflect on each season’s passing, like life passing on from youthful bounty to old age. Summer has moulted and is in decay when the fall season.

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  3. A captivating entrance to this haibun with ” Summer’s deathbed” and “air yawns wide as ancient oak”. You’ve created some very effective parallels with aging and autumn. Love this, Misky.

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  4. I love the personification of the September as an old woman

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  5. A lovely piece. The old woman’s bed is so evocative – as is the last line in the haiku, taking us up out of the decline into joy. Bravo.

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    1. Thank you! Glad you liked this one.


  6. A September woman surrounded by beauty.

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  7. I’m ecstatic October is here !

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    1. Spring is my favourite time of year, Michele. Autumn and winter, not so much.

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      1. Oh Misky I’m autumn winter then spring
        I love the color palettes of autumn and I’m a sweater weather girl 😁


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