13 Sept: Autumnal Crisp

autumn leaves image produced by AI Midjourney bot.
Autumnal Crisp

are falling. 
Heat drained them 
dry.  A crumble from 
green, exposing their brown skeletal 

Image: AI created by MidJourney’s bot ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

9 responses to “13 Sept: Autumnal Crisp”

  1. I haven’t seen any fallen leaves yet but the heating came on, Sunday! I’m paranoid about using gas at the moment but cannot remember how to set our thermostat. So I was running around closing windows which have been open all summer.

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  2. Another fascinating interaction between you and the robot!


  3. Brittle but brave. I do so love the fall.


  4. We’re still pretty green here, but it’s less intense somehow, & we all know it won’t last. But at least (hopefully) we’ll have our usual brilliant, world-famous Autumnal color show.


    1. We’ve had a week of rain, and now everything’s green and growing!!

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  5. Went to the park the other day and autumn is well on the way. Lovely poem Misky.

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  6. A sublime photo too Misky ❤️


  7. Leaves started falling from the willow and horse chestnuts early – due to heat.
    On our walks we see the oaks are shedding their acorns…


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