12 Sept: Poetic and AI Art

does dance, 
like high kicking 
skirt swirling puppets, their   
wooden shoes as raucous as  

This is a new project, creating poetic AI (artificial intelligence) art using the midJourney bot. Images are produced by “prompting” the bot with words (descriptive; styles; mood; technique; etc). This “AI” image is the bot’s interpretation of my poem. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #AI_Art on Twitter

4 responses to “12 Sept: Poetic and AI Art”

    1. Thank you! I’m absolutely mesmerised by the technology and output.

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      1. Yes. You find such interesting things. Is this something online? And when you say it’s a new project… is it something a group of people are taking part in? Does it have a long term aim? And Misky… did you hear the sad news about Hobbo?

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        1. I suspect there are hundreds of thousands of us beta testing the midjourney platform. I don’t know their long-term plans or aims. And yes, I replied to the post on Hobo’s blog yesterday. Sad news, indeed.

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