24 Aug: dVerse Scents

Grandma Moses, Christmas at Home painting.

The Scent

… of Mum’s best table linen,
the long runners, and napkins
stored in Grandma’s rosewood chest,
pressed to a razor-edge whilst damp,
fouled by the scent of naphthalene,
yes, quite toxic, and lavender,
not toxic but sickly, and very possibly
those non-drip Christmas candles
that melted while Mum and Dad
argued over whether the turkey
was thoroughly cooked or not.
There was always strife when
the scent of roasted turkey
filled the house. And sprouts.

for Jo’s dVerse prompt about scents. Image: Christmas at HomeGrandma Moses, Style: Naïve Art (Primitivism) Fair Use. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

8 responses to “24 Aug: dVerse Scents”

  1. Ha ha! I feel like this poem is scents gone awry. Everything is context.

    I never realised until I started this blog how sprouts are such an integral part of a British Christmas. Thankfully for me it’s one tradition that didn’t make it here on the first fleet or since.

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    1. I often find that scents associated with my childhood aren’t always pleasant, which is fascinating because I didn’t have an unpleasant childhood.

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      1. That is fascinating! I took our daughter to the dentist recently and I’ll tell you what… I still hate the smell of dental clinics!! That’s from childhood.

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        1. Absolutely! It’s that whirring drill sound that does me in!

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  2. Oh, what memories this one sparks. Sprouts and bouts. The holidays are good for both, I’d say. Wonderful, Misky.


    1. Thanks, K. ❤️


  3. Some interesting memories that prompt sparked. Holidays are double edged – happy and irritated… and I love brussel sprouts. They are what I craved with my third child. She loves them also.


    1. I learned to like sprouts when I started cooking for myself. I like them a lot.

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