24 August: The Garden

Begonias and grapes and tomatoes

Not everything in the garden is dead! All photos ©Misky 2022 Shared on Twitter

6 responses to “24 August: The Garden”

  1. The selection you have posted looks vibrant!


    1. The begonias are in pots, which we’re allowed to water. The grapevines are never watered, so if they can’t survive by their own devices, they’re out of luck. The tomatoes and other stuff in the greenhouse is watered by hand via drip irrigation, and we reply on it for summer veg. But the rest of the garden borders are pitiful.

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  2. Those are gorgeous flowers I’d be elated 😁❤️

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  3. Goodness. Quite a healthy bounty. I like this.

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  4. Lovely images. My small garden produces some veg. But not enough to save over to another season. I’ve still got green tomatoes.

    We don’t have a ban on watering… yet. But I only use about two gallons – a large watering can for my white allysum flowers and the veg.


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