14 Aug: Short Verses from the Garden

Hostas leaves dry

I bet
you never thought
such a blue sky
would send your eyeing mood

Image: my own from the garden. Poem form: Elevenie or Elfchen. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #micro-poetry on Twitter

9 responses to “14 Aug: Short Verses from the Garden”

  1. I’m feeling thirsty just reading this.


    1. I know. I think it’s supposed to start cooling down tomorrow. Take care, Bump.


  2. :(. I empathise. 2019 has scarred me deeply.

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  3. eyeing mood

    This phrase feels like a twiglet to me! ❤


    1. You think? Okay, I’ll add it to the list. 🥰

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  4. Lovely garden Misky 👍❤️

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    1. Most of it’s dead due to no rain for 3 months. Had some rain today but not nearly enough.

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      1. Same here bits and bobs but never quite enough


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