16 June: dVerse Last Words

Butterfly by Andy Warhol (fair usage)

A certain butterfly is already on the wing.” Vladimir Nabokov.

To Dwindle

A butterfly leaves its past behind,
flies south for winter and then dies.
But its children, well on a wing
return to their parents’ past.

I am a butterfly, returned
to empty my mother’s flat,
to my mother’s spartan life of

4 plates, all chipped.
4 glasses, free from the petrol station.
One copper rose lipstick.
One food mill, rusted.
2 knives, handle wrapped in duct tape,
A bag of frozen veg off-cuts for composting,
6 winter coats,
1 knitted hat.
And a hat pin.

If she had last words, I never heard them.

I am of no doubt when I say,
a certain butterfly is already
on the wing as my own
last words follow hers.

for dVerse “Last Words” and include the phrase “A certain butterfly is already on the wing, by ” Vladimir Nabokov. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. Music is Skaa Toiling in the Fields, a Swedish folk ballad “Herr Mannelig”. Image is Butterfly by Andy Warhol (fair usage)

18 responses to “16 June: dVerse Last Words”

  1. So touching, Marilyn. I didn’t get to look through my mother’s things – my sister had already taken or disposed of everything.


    1. Same happened between my sister and I when my dad passed away. The stuff she saved was somewhat ridiculous (old grubby gardening gloves, hi-vis jacket, pencils…). I asked for a print of one of my favourite photos of him. It’s framed and sitting on my desk.

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      1. ps: we smile at each other every morning…


  2. smooth as silk, subtle, cool; you go girl


    1. Thank you, Esther.


  3. Lovely piece – reminds me of emptying my mum’s house – not quite knives with taped handles but definitely the chipped plates.


    1. Tape: so she could grip the handle more firmly because of arthritis in her fingers. The knuckle of her index finger was nearly locked. I have one recollection of that day which still knocks me back a bit – I opened her closet doors, and her scent just rolled right over me. It was the most extraordinary thing.

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  4. Very thought provoking. A lovely journey through thought.


    1. Thank you, Worms. How’s the job going?

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      1. It’s pretty good, thanks. It’s been a big adjustment even just losing 9 hours out of my week. But it’s nice to have a little more money flowing in and the location and the minimal hours make the job pretty ideal. What’s more my boss seems very reasonable.


        1. It sounds like it’s working out well Fire you, and certainly a reasonable boss is

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          1. Priceless. Typed on my phone and my finger slipped.


          2. lol. this is a funny comment. I think the heat is really getting to you. 🙂


  5. it’s depressing, isn’t it, what we amount to.


    1. No, B, not in my mother’s case. Her last 10-years were her happiest and probably her most fulfilling. She was much more than the sum of her meagre possessions. ❤️

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  6. Misky. I sm not on wordpress am on sorrygnat.com. Have had health and tech issues. No wordpress. Too complicated I like my writing n
    On it. Check out the other site. I am just learning to run it. Email below is hood. Just holding word press in abeyance fir now. Am woeful in the tech department. Soon to be 84. Mind great creatively snd horrible on techy level. Love esther


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