12 June: Twiglet #282

Painting  The Philosopher. Silence by Nicholas Roerich,

Bleached Silence

What do you do
with the sort of silence
that fills the house
and hides in the walls.
It’s at the window
and the door, it’s
monkeys in your hair.
What’s a woman to do
when bleached silence
won’t listen anymore.

for Twiglets #282 “Bleached Silence,  The Philosopher. Silence by Nicholas Roerich, 1940.  ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

22 responses to “12 June: Twiglet #282”

  1. Hairmonkeys!
    I drove almost 800 miles today, opened my computer upon arrival, and what do I get?
    Hairmonkeys!! Double shot of Grand Marnier, please.


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