12 June: #SOCS Spring Green

 Image by Thomas Hart Benton, Spring Cave. Man napping by a river and a rocky cave on a grassy hill.

The Grassy Margins

Nature’s apparition
is a green garb,
blissful colour
spilling from itself.
We tangle into its
bouquet margins,
we, who find ourselves
in a cuckoo’s shoes,
displaced in green.

for Linda Hill’s #SOCS, prompt: write a piece based on an image. Image by Thomas Hart Benton, Spring Cave, 1955. A new musical find for me, Cosmo Sheldrake, who’s producing some very interesting sounds. This cut is Cuckoo Song, from Wake Up Calls, which was created over a nine year period, using recordings of bird song featured on the red and amber lists of endangered British birds (with the exception of a Robin and a Blackbird, which aren’t endangered – yet). ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

14 responses to “12 June: #SOCS Spring Green”

  1. I listened to your track with the back door open, listening to birdsong. Perfect accompaniment!


    1. Brilliant! It’s such a lovely warm morning, too.

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      1. Y, have the door open again and even the flies are staying out today.


  2. wow, Misky – you really brought this painting to life for me!

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    1. Thank you! Always nice to hear.


  3. this is all lovely, Misky. The poem feels like a vine growing around me and the song is gorgeous.

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    1. It’s Peter Franks who highlighted Cosmo Sheldrake, and I’m just fascinated by his work now.

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  4. We’ve just had a well needed rain and I would say our landscape is a “blissful colour spilling from itself”…I just love those lines. I’m going to have to explore Cosmo Sheldrake, what a delightful song.


    1. He’s wonderful! Have fun exploring!

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  5. Oh, those lovely bird sounds


  6. Lovely

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