24 May: A dVerse Summer Haibun

a robin on the fence

A robin’s on the fence, facing the neighbours garden, waiting for worms or bugs or both. I’m cutting chives to garnish cooked eggs. Hello there, I say as if a bird gives a tick about good manners and idle pleasantries. But to my surprise, it turns and stares at me. Its feathered breast is the colour of summer squash. And it replies with a whistling squalish single linear response, much like the same sound I make when I eat a sun-warmed tomato straight off the vine, although that particular euphoria is still two months away.

I will greet every
Falling and flying thing that
Shines in the blue sky

For dVerse: Frank’s summertime Haibun Monday. Image from Unsplash. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. Apologies for the sloppy haiku, which really isn’t a haiku at all.

21 responses to “24 May: A dVerse Summer Haibun”

  1. I’ve a robin’s nest in my hedgerow… and she squaks at me if I get too close! I whistle back and tell her that I think she’s a good protective ‘mother bird’ 🙂

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