24 May: dVerse Corvid

magpie sitting on a fence post

A Very Unpleasant Poem

I once saw a magpie
steal the eye of a lamb.
Left it lame and blind,
and in a fence entwined.
The shepard’s dog sat watch
all night that very spot.
It waited for that magpie –
soon in its mouth was caught.

For dVerse Poets. Ingrid asks for a corvid poem. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. Image from Unsplash.

24 responses to “24 May: dVerse Corvid”

    • Lambs eyes, yes. It’s common when lambs are born outside. Our previous house was next door to a large sheep farm, and I spent a lot of time there during lambing.

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