12 May: An Erasure Poem

words erasure poetry

she felt herself
physically elderly,
– and final

she was an open door,
a crack
to the other side.

During April, I participated in a 30-day Found Poetry Challenge, sourcing text from the book Jaws by Peter Benchley. My method involved layers, changing the top layer’s opacity, and then erasing parts of that image to reveal text from the lower layer/page of text. All 30-days can be viewed on Tumblr at https://miskyb.tumblr.com . I’ve decided to continue the challenge, and post some of pieces here. 

Definition: Erasure poetry, also known as blackout poetry, is a form of found poetry wherein a poet takes an existing text and erases, blacks out, or otherwise obscures a large portion of the text, creating a wholly new work from what remains. It’s also an art form. More info: https://poets.org/glossary/erasure

©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. Image is from Unsplash.

11 responses to “12 May: An Erasure Poem”

    1. or… as my kids have been saying all evening.. Interstring!

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  1. +1 – the poems that haunt these dark waters.

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    1. Great title for a chapbook!

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  2. Very intriguing Misky! 👍😁🤔

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  3. I did a different version of erasure poetry or maybe it was called found poetry: I was reading an Iris Murdoch novel & the pages came loose as I read. After finishing reading I cut words and phrases I liked & arranged them in a poem arriving at a different meaning altogether. It’s an accepted poetry form but some readers raised their eyebrows. Haven’t done it since!

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    1. Blackout. Erasure. Cutouts. There are numerous variations, and they’re all Found Poetry. Let them raise their eyebrows. Enjoy your creativity! ❤️


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