27.02.22: Ten Steps of Grief

The Mothers
The Mothers by Kathe Kollwitz 1922

Ten Steps of Grief

I am small.
Prodded by cactus.
Peeled down to my lily white.
Grief. Rocked and shut.
Mental doomscrolling.
Sleepless beyond recovery.
Eyes of black and white.
Light is a crime.
Winter’s coldest stones.
God marked her rose.

Inspired by a prompt at GoDogGo Cafe  on the topic of grief. The prompt required a haibun; I took it a different route. Image is The Mothers – Original Title: Die Mütter by Käthe Kollwitz, Date: 1922. Käthe Kollwitz was an anti-war artist.  ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

6 responses to “27.02.22: Ten Steps of Grief”

  1. THis is really powerful, Misky. Sharp notes – the stinging pebbles of grief. And the bigger rocking picture too. Really, really good.

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  2. Doomscrolling, a new one on me. Thank you. Sad though. 😒

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    1. Every loss is sad, but sadly inevitable. Doomscrolling is hard to avoid lately.

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      1. Very true. It must be a fairly modern, compound word but it is so apt at the moment……unfortunately.


  3. lovely easing into Sunday morning. Thanks, Misk.


  4. wow- this legitimately leaves me feeling sad. well done in conveying grief…


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