GoDogGo March Titles #14

candle at the window
candle at the window

And This Storm Is Called Franklin

The trees bend,
stoop, snap, and
the power’s gone.
Candles burn
soft and stiff, wavering

side to side,
light flickers
on yellow wallpaper,
against the window,
across the walls

as wind wanders
the house
like a whispering
warmth, seeking out
its own joy.

In the UK, we give destructive storms names. The one that hit us a few days ago was called Franklin. Photo by Enrique Macias on Unsplash.  GoDogGo Cafe March Titles  (#14: The Yellow Wallpaper) ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

7 responses to “GoDogGo March Titles #14”

  1. It can’t be so bad if it’s got a nice name. Can it?

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    1. Eunice was my grandmother’s name. As they say on telly, ‘nuff said. 😆

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  2. I love that last stanza – so eerie after the candle light on the walls

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