23.02.22 White Bean Soup

White bean soup

White Bean Soup

Italy’s in my white iron pot.
Bless her,
and her simplicity.

“What you omit is more important
than what you put in,” she says.

No bacon.
No ham.
No bones.
No onions.
No carrots.
No kale.

Soup that stands up
and salutes garlic.

So, I’m doing a Hazan.
Doing her white bean,
garlic and parsley soup.

It’s soup season.
It’s winter.

Recipe for Hazan’s White Bean Soup . Poetry form: Food Poetry. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday #foodpoetry on Twitter

15 responses to “23.02.22 White Bean Soup”

    1. There’s a link at the bottom of the post. 🥰


  1. mmmmm. can’t wait for winter. I’m fascinated by the line about what you omit being more important than what you put in. I’ve heard of secret ingredients but I’m intrigued by the secret omissions.

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    1. That line is hers in the cookery book. 🥰 But it is true that including ham or bacon with traditionale soffritto would change the flavour (and texture). It’s a very beany and garlicky soup. It’s delicious. Marcella Hazan’s recipes always use simple ingredients.

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      1. Awesome. I did check the recipe. When the weather cools I think we will try it. Yum.


  2. Marcella is so right. The secret of good fish and chips is NEVER to add chocolate!

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    1. Well, there’s an idea that hadn’t occurred to me. 😂

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      1. 🤣 Forget it. It’s a non-starter.


    2. hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

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      1. 😂 Thanks, Barbara


  3. Nice. While I was raised on “you can’t have too much salt pork” I’ve about become “garlic with garlic on garlic.”

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    1. Our local farm shop has wet garlic in stock now. It’s absolutely brilliant compared to the dried sort. If you can ever get your hands of it, buy it. Or grow it yourself!


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