18.02.22 A Storm Called Eunice

The Storm by E Munch

A Storm Called Eunice

In front of me, a massacre
by dark and crossed arms.
But the garden will mend
from this crystalline damage.
From tempest spinning circles,

and pitched storm spectres.
Phantasm thrumming and
requiem squealing at windows.
Our bare ghost trees cut from
card are yelling and coughing.
It’s carnage from a sunken sky.

edited 18/2/22 10.43am

Image The Storm by E Munch 1893. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

12 responses to “18.02.22 A Storm Called Eunice”

  1. Not a good morning here (Vermont, USA) either: Windblown sideways sleet-snow, single digit temps dropped to negative double-digits by windchill. Better days ahead, one hopes.

    Love your work, Misky, esp that closing line.


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