17.02.22 Dunes

The Dunes

Back then summer was
white dunes with cowlick
sprigs of crabgrass

and mounded hills of sand
scrubbed the wind.

Sand ramped across scrub
as if pulled along
on tiny toy wheels.

And with wind at your back,
you’d put down a blanket,
open your favourite book,

and expose your skin
to as much sun
as it could take in.

Back then,
that was summer.

Photo by John Banks on Unsplash, image public domain. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

10 responses to “17.02.22 Dunes”

  1. Lovely. Deceptively simple. Beautiful.

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    1. Thanks. It needs tweaking; mixed up verb tenses. 🙃😆

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  2. Funnily enough, that brings back a summer memory for me, too. Place called Freshfield, just outside Liverpool. Very duney area and a long walk to get to the beach.

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    1. It seems that dunes were always a long walk from the carpark. 😂🤔

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      1. yes that’s my memory, too. But everything was a long walk when we were little.
        I think there might be some flash in this.

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        1. I’ll look forward to reading it, if you do.

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  3. You’re getting pretty good at this, Misky!

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  4. Mr. Mountainhermit likes this but can’t really relate to the experience. He’s gonna share it with Ms. Dunelover, who will no doubt drool until July, or — worse — try to induce him into a jetliner getaway.

    Thanks a bunch, Misky.

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    1. Watch out for that sand in your sandwiches!


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