01.02.22: Unravelling A Universe

story time for children

Unravelling A Universe

One part of the brain lights up
with memories, smell and sound
lights up another part.

Occipital for sight. Buttons holding
bits together, like points of conflict
in a picture book.

Some memories surface, a pool
of happiness, some, like sadness,
keep themselves imprisoned.

Some are raw without husk or shell,
like a promise of injury if revisited.
But I was a typical kid. Skin. Skull.

Me, thinking that I could unravel
the universe, and make it my own.

©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

13 responses to “01.02.22: Unravelling A Universe”

  1. I believe we all thought we were all powerful and could bend and form everything to our wish and need. Some adults still play at that game. But reality is we are just bit players. Some of us though can make a difference by being jus who we are and I think that too can be enough.

    As for memories – all you said was spot on.


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