V.1 Ch.1: Fractional

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That's No Way to Wash a Dragon

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I was given my first pocket money at the age of six. It was a fraction of money. A quarter of some number. A quarter of an apple, according to Mum who explained money by cutting up fruit. Apples, mostly – we had lots of apple trees. But my head went stuffed-up deaf when Mum talked numbers. Fractions were like swimming to me, and since I’d nearly drowned the summer before, I knew fractions could kill. And as Mum cut and quartered another apple, and arranged pieces in random shapes, I pointed out that my fraction had a core and brown seeds. Don’t eat the seeds, she warned, they’re poisonous. They’ll kill you. It was just as I thought – fractions were killers. And then Mum decided to turn telling-time into fractions, half-past this or that, or a quarter ’til some number … even time was out to kill me.

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8 responses to “V.1 Ch.1: Fractional”

    1. Yeah? Excellent. So glad you liked it. Thanks for reading it.


    1. Thank you !! 🥰👍🏻

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  1. Clever, really taps into the way that kids think!

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    1. I’m delighted that you enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

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