29.1.22: I’ve Been Thinking

29.1.22: I’ve Been Thinking

That’s No Way to Wash a Dragon

I been thinking.
Flash fiction that’s
not fiction.

A bit more than a haibun.
But not exactly, and

illustrated with
medieval manuscript
illuminations from

The British Library’s
Medieval Manuscripts Archive,

the French National Library.

Reblogged here
from a new blog.

As I said,
I’ve been thinking …

Image is from British Library Medieval Manuscripts Archive: Digital Illuminations . ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

13 responses to “29.1.22: I’ve Been Thinking”

  1. Isn’t fiction just invention? Not sure about what the flash means. Quick? Maybe quick to read rather than quick to write. Fiction in a nutshell takes careful folding. Haiku are normally not fictional. Their charm, for me, is the poetic summation. The ikebana arrangement of wisdom into 3 sculpted floral lines. I think I have found a poem.


    • Haibuns are factual, and in its pure form, nature based. We all take liberties with that. 😂 Flash fiction is prose, a story, fiction or non-fiction, and shorter than a short story. So, yes, colour, line and mass are a good analogy. So I’m thinking of a paragraph or block of prose, with a 3 line haiku-ish finish. Does that sense?

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