26.1.22: Stars Still Fall

Breton Women, the Meeting in the Sacred Grove - by Paul Serusier, c.1892

Stars Still Fall

Some moments I hold,
some I let free
to the wind.

Here and now,
I make peace, that wind
always blows, and

stars always fall,
burning smooth
to the ground.

Tell me of hope,
of yours,
and I’ll tell of you mine,

and we will share
our connections
while the world goes on.

Image: Breton Women, the Meeting in the Sacred Grove by Paul Serusier, c.1892; Le Pouldu, France. Public Domain. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

6 responses to “26.1.22: Stars Still Fall”

  1. I love the idea of picking which moments to hold and which to let blow in the wind. 👍

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    1. Make like an airport and lose some luggage. 😂😂

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      1. 🤣 A lot of the stuff we cherish is just that – stuff.

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  2. Lovely. I agree with Hobbo. THose first two stanzas really stand out. The second half, I relate more to the artwork and feel like it’s about the bonds of womanhood. I don’t know if that’s your intention. But perhaps it was on my mind because Mr Worms was telling me today about a YouTuber he watches who talks about all sorts of famous scientists. But she doesn’t only talk about them. She talks about their spouses and it brings out that a lot of the science was done in partnership but, historically in most cases, only the men got the credit.


    1. It’s very much about how women communicate with women, how positivity creates positivity, and how somethings are better let fly.

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  3. I did not know “Bretons are Celts who live in north-west France.”
    I wonder if the meeting was secret?
    I like the words you put with the image.

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