dVerse Quadrille #144

dVerse Quadrille #144
Breakfast with Birds Gabriele Münter


Hello to spring,
And my growing soul.
Sunshine through the window,
And I’m in throws of memory.
Your tendrils break the surface,
And we hang on tight as you thrash
Your way out of winter.

Winter, that shiver that
Always makes me feel alone.

dVerse Poets Quadrille #144 “shiver” image is “Breakfast with the Birds”, 1934 by Expressionist painter Gabriele Münter. Fair Use.  ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

31 responses to “dVerse Quadrille #144”

  1. Hold on!!! 😁Love the idea of thrashing your way out of winter. I would like to be fanned out of summer like a yacht’s sail. Just pffffff and off I go, cool as the proverbial cucumber. Not that I can complain (yet) been the mildest of summers so far.

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  2. Love the words and the sounds of reading this one aloud. Oh yes…when winter hangs on it does seem like spring is thrashing to sprout and bloom and warm the earth! Love the illustration and that ending…that shiver in winter….so many times stuck inside and alone. Sometimes, toward the end of winter, it’s hard to have that “nesting” feeling that comes at the beginning of winter when we honker down with books, candles, etc….by the time March rolls around, we’re thrashing to get outside again!

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  3. Spring does thrash its way out of winter. I like the image you chose to accompany your poem. Any day with sunshine is a good one. I was out walking the other day and saw a small patch of blue in the clouds and it perked me right up.


  4. You had me at the title. I love the subtle parallel you made between nature’s strength to push through the winter and our own strength we must muster up during those lonely winter days. Beautiful, Misky.

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