dVerse Blossoms

dVerse Blossoms

March 29: A firestarter returns us spring. I breathe the air. I breathe the sky. It’s a cherry blossom’s wild sunset dance out of winter. A burner against April’s pale blue. A garland for the clouds. The sky is leaking warmth and bees, and this worn soul wants to live again.

ruby throated spring
from powdered ice of winter
as one does, one lives

for dVerse Poets Haibun “cherry blossoms” © Misky 2021. Image by Arthur Wesley Dow, Spring Landscape, 1892 WikiArt cc:00 

19 responses to “dVerse Blossoms”

  1. Short and sweet as cherry blossom, Marilyn! I love the thought of ‘cherry blossom’s wild sunset dance out of winter’ and the sky ‘leaking warmth and bees’. I’ve already seen two big bumblebees and a butterfly.

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