dVerse Off the Sidewalk

               Coming, going, the waterbirds
               don’t leave a trace (Dōgen Zenji)

A Smear

Black jackdaw  
leaves its mark on the fog.

Walking on a hobble.
Left. Right. Hop.

It takes flight, and
smears black across white.

The fog’s left standing, bereft
                         of its shadow.

written for dVerse  “Off the Sidewalk” – image by Pieter Bruegel the Elder “The Hunters in the Snow”, c. 1565  © Misky 2020

41 responses to “dVerse Off the Sidewalk”

  1. This is quite haunting imagery, especially in the final lines. I gasped. I also loved this verse the most:

    “Black jackdaw
    leaves its mark on the fog.”

    Something about it captivates me, perhaps it’s the imagery which you masterfully do so well. Another beautiful and brilliant poem. This is thought-provoking.

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  2. I admire the way you describe a familiar image and make it new and startling, Marilyn. The simple title and opening lines already conjure the bird in my mind – and then you shake me up with ‘Walking on a hobble. / Left. Right. Hop.’ It makes me smile. And the final line is just perfect – as Lisa said, like Japanese calligraphy..

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  3. Wow: such a precise use of so few words to create something stunning. Love what you’ve done with the prompt! The perfect image to accompany your words, too.


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