From One Refrain to the Next

Back then, when I lived life as if it were a song,
when each minute was a note, each day its refrain,
when a rude suggestion could make me blush red,
back then I thought I’d be content to reach 50,
maybe die blowing out my birthday candles.
Back then, when I wasn’t afraid of everything,

I was once very adventurous …

When I was 24, I packed an overnight bag and
drove to the airport. Took the next available flight.
Any flight.I ended up in Chicago.

Stayed in a pokey hotel room with hundreds
of hibernating ladybugs asleep in the sash window
frames, and ivy that rooted itself in the brickwork.

No one goes to Chicago in the depths of winter.
But I did. Back then, I wasn’t afraid of anything,
back then, when I lived from one refrain to the next.

I’m a few steps off 70 now, and I like staying
near home mostly. I’m rooted deep in my comforts.
I’m just another old lady who writes too much poetry.
Last month, my granddaughter said,

“Nanna you’re very old. Are you going to die soon?”
“Yes, one day, I told her, but probably not today.”
I was explicit: probably. I’m not sure where I’ll be
pushing up roots from one refrain to the next.

written for June’s Visual Verse image

5 responses to “Refrains”

  1. Ho boy, right with ya. It is eye opening when the grans think you have one foot in the grave. I like the poem Misky. Did you really go to Chicago? By yourself? Girl, I don’t know if you were adventurous or foolhardy but you are still here to tell the story.


    • LOL! Yes, and yes, by myself. Haven’t you ever gone on holiday by yourself? Go where you want, see what you want? I’ve always had a bit of wanderlust, and marrying Peder was perfection because his job moved us all over the world.


  2. … probably, and not for decades and decades yet. You have an ocean of poetry waiting to come from the fountain of your soul; that takes a while. 🙂

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  3. Oh to be that adventurous. I remember riding buses and trains from NJ to NY when I was in my early teens. Didn’t worry about much – who would dare?
    Look confident, be confident. Now I’m not so sure I want to walk in the local forest alone… even with a cell phone.

    However you are not just another old lady writing poetry. Just one of many of us… and some gents too who have formed a community of twigs making our own poet-tree. 😉


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